Making a claim on your home insurance policy

Here at Westone Housing, we understand how daunting making a claim on your home insurance can be. We have put together a guide on how to prepare for the eventuality and what to do should the worse happen.

Here at Westone Housing, we understand how daunting making a claim on your home insurance can be. We’ve put together a guide on how to prepare for the eventuality and what to do should the worse happen.

Planning ahead

  • Be prepared and always keep your paperwork in good order

Keeping your paperwork in good order will be extremely useful in the event of a claim. We recommend you file away safely any receipts for work you have had done on the property, receipts for any items you have purchased and a copy of your current insurance policy documents.

If you’ve insured any valuable individual items it is also a good idea to take photographs of these showing their condition and any unique characteristics they may have. Taking these steps in advance could be useful should you need to make a claim in the future.

Considering making a claim?

  • Check your home insurance policy

Do scrutinise your insurance policy carefully before making a claim. Particularly check for any exclusions, claim limits and your excess levels. Also check your insurer’s procedure, for example, should you have a burst pipe and it needs repairing immediately, some insurers will state that you must call out a company that has been pre-approved. Insuring you are calling out the correct repair company to do the job.

  • Keep hold of any damaged items

Do not dispose of any damaged items until you are told otherwise by your insurer, as your claim assessor may wish to see these in order to make a validating valuation.

  • Collate visual evidence

Do take photographs, or make a short video of the damage caused to your property and contents. It is likely when you start your claim that your insurer will ask you to confirm verbally what has happened, but they may also ask you to submit visual evidence.

  • Before you call your insurer make sure you are prepared

Do take some time before making your initial call to the insurer to find your policy number and make a few notes regarding what has happened. This will enable you to be clear and concise when talking to your insurer and result in fewer hold-ups during the claim process.

Contacting your insurer and starting a claim

  • Call your insurer promptly

Do call your insurer’s claim line as soon as is possible after an incident as often home insurance policies include a deadline for making a claim from the date of the incident.

  • Document the claims process

Make a note of your call including the time, date, name of the person you spoke to and what was said.

Going forward it’s advisable to keep a record of all communication between yourselves and the insurer including phone calls and any written communication.

  • Get quotes for repairs

If you are asked to obtain quotes yourself for work to be undertaken, do collate two or three for comparison and submit them promptly to the insurer. Westone Housing are experts in insurance repairs and can provide quotations upon request.

  • Your insurer may visit

Depending on the nature of your claim your insurer may make an appointment with you for a claim assessor to visit at a convenient time to assess the damage and the repairs required.

Repairing the damage

If your claim is successful your insurer will confirm in writing that you are able to go ahead and which quote they have agreed. You are then able to arrange for the chosen company to carry out the repairs on a date that is convenient for you.


Once the repairs have been completed and you are satisfied with the work done you will be issued with an invoice to pass onto the insurer as proof, the insurer will then issue the payment to you often via BACs or cheque for the full amount minus your excess requirement. You can then pay the invoice and the process is complete.

Need expert advice?

If you need some expert advice contact insurance specialists Westone Housing on 01733 320500 or visit www.westone.uk.com